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  1. Anakage End User Support Automation platform for IT Service Desk provides multi pronged approach to reduce support tickets at source, proactive resolution of tickets before user notices it, maintain compliance and automate your high volume processes.
  2. Shibuya Kei Popular artists in Shibuya Kei category: kahimi karie, original love, michio miyagi, el-malo, coba, tony scott, akira fuse, yasuhiro abe, tony, miki matsubara, fantastic plastic machine, cosa nostra, akakage, true kiss destination.
  3. Akasaka (赤&#x;) is one of Tokyo's central business districts, full of corporate headquarters and expensive hotels. The area is directly adjacent to Nagatacho, one of Tokyo's prime concentrations of bureaucracy, and only a stone's throw from the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda.
  4. Akakage means "Red Shadow" in Japanese. Original members were Yoichiro Ito and Go!Sato, but later recordings, while still featuring Go!Sato only listed Akakage as being Yoichiro Ito.

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