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  1. Damian Marley feat. Treach, Yami Bolo / Damian Marley - Stand a Chance / And You Be Loved Lyrics. Where there's, more hungry mouths Than food to eat It's where the homeless Roam the street Where broken glass And broken dreams Are shattere.
  2. A1) Yamie Bolo - Jah Made Them All A2) Augustus Pablo - Big Yard Dub A3) Yamie Bolo - Reggae Amassador A4) Augustus Pablo - Zion Mail Man Dub A5) Yamie Bolo - Haughty Eye B1) Augustus Pablo - Two Mile Dub B2) Yamie Bolo - Powerty & Brutality B3) Augustus Pablo - Poverty Dub B4) Yamie Bolo - Tell Me Why Is This Fussing & Fighting.
  3. Yami Bolo - Discography Jamaica: 85 Records: Latest Updates: Gallery: Jamaica 85 USA 6 UK 5 France 3 Italy 1. All Records Page 1 of 2 Yammie Bolo A: Tell Me Why Is This (Fussing And Fighting) Augustus Pablo And Benbow B: Kidd Lane Specialy: Message Jamaica: 7" 0: Yammie Bolo.
  4. Feb 08,  · Buccaneer - Classic. The title is no exaggeration for a set that has the "Bad Man Sonata", the "Skettle Concerto" and the "Man Thief Sonata", complete with snatches of the Moonlight Sonata and the Blue Danube waltz.

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